How silencing Asian hate perpetuates racism

“Well, you’re really not a minority,” Eugene Chung was told in an NFL coaching job interview.

When Eugene Chung, who is a Korean American former NFL offensive lineman and assistant coach, pushed the interviewer on this statement, the interviewer explained that he was “not the right minority” they were looking…

Back of a female-identified person holding a flower behind her back. She has shoulder length black hair. She is wearing a black and white dress, in front of a background that matches.

As an infant, I was adopted from Korea and brought to live with my white parents in rural Wisconsin. Growing up in this white community, I was taught the myth of assimilation and colorblindness. While never explicitly stated, I quickly learned to fit in, to not discuss race, and to…

I woke up on Wednesday morning to this text from a friend, “Morning- If you need someone who will listen, know that I am here.” I thought nothing of it, and assumed this was meant for someone else and wrote back a simple “?”.

I then went to browse the…

Hannah Matthys

Hannah Matthys uses her multicultural background as foundation to make Equity Diversity and Inclusion concepts accessible. Learn more here:

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